CDADIC 2017 Best Poster Award

CDADIC Director Andreas Weisshaar presented the Best Poster Award to the graduate student researchers working with Assistant Professor Matthew Johnston at Oregon State University. Accepting the award during the meeting were Soumya Bose and Shaan Sengupta with Hyunkuy Ouh and Boyu Shen unable to attend the meeting in person. The winning poster was titled “High-voltage Bias Generation and Multimodal Readout Circuits for CMOS Integrated SPAD Detectors in Radiation Detection.” The IAB Members selected the Best Poster after considering merits of the rapid fire minute, poster presentations and discussions with each team of poster creators.

The second place poster award was a tie between three posters including:

  1. “A Compact Wideband Full-Duplex Transceiver System with a Circulator, PA and Phase Noise Cancellation” by the University of Washington team of Kun-Da Chu, Tong Zhang & Mohamad Katanbaf. Professor Jacques Chris Rudell is the Principal Investigator.
  2. “Micro-Power Data Converters” by the Oregon State University team of Tao He, Manjunath Kareppagoudr, Pedram Payandehnia and Lukang Shi. Professor Gabor Temes is the Principal Investigator.
  3. “Modeling and Design of Interconnects and Passive Components for mm-Wave Integrated Circuits in Silicon” by the Oregon State University team of Lei Zheng and Xuanyi Dong. Professor Andreas Weisshaar is the Principal Investigator.
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