Center Focus

Innovative Research in analog, RF, and mixed-signal IC design in collaboration with key industry partners

    • to create novel solutions for future generation analog/mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits and systems for a broad range of current and emerging application domains including communications, sensing, transportation, bioelectronics, and security;
    • to push the boundaries of high performance, low power consumption, integration, etc.;
    • to educate world-class, industry-ready future employees in state-of-the-art analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit and system design in industry-relevant areas.

Applying Research

    • "The on-going research at CDADIC enables the semiconductor industry to leverage center innovations as new markets are explored and new products developed." —Paul Kempf - Jazz Semiconductor
    • Industry partners productize CDADIC Technology Breakthroughs
    • License CDADIC technology as appropriate to business interests

Training Future Engineers and Industry Leaders

    • Learning from world-class faculty in both classroom and laboratories
    • Real-world experiences gained while working closely with industry partners
    • Solving problems directly relevant to today's marketplace
    • Access to internships, fellowships and networking with industry
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