Center Outcomes

Over $25 million in research support

  • $16 million in industry support
  • $1 million in industry enhancement projects
  • $8 million in government support

Over 300 sponsored research projects

Over 900 publications & 1,500 presentations

Patents and $ millions in technology transfer

"Access to CDADIC delta-sigma design tools that are much faster than our current tools have saved us months of time and has paid for our CDADIC membership many times over." —Analog Devices

"Use of CDADIC-developed tools has saved us in excess of a million dollars and greatly helped the speed of product development. Some circuit designs have been incorporated into our own ICs." —Motorola

"We have gained an estimated cost savings of $2 million from CDADIC research on the transfer of an analog-digital converter architecture for our use." —Kirtland AFB

Graduated hundreds of M.S. and Ph.D. students

CDADIC Members successfully hire CDADIC graduates

  • >50% of CDADIC graduates are hired by CDADIC Member companies
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