Best Poster Award July 2019

First Place Best Poster Award

CDADIC Director Andreas Weisshaar presented the Best Poster Award to the graduate student researchers working with Professor Deukhyoun Heo at Washington State University. Accepting the award during the meeting were Mohammad Chahardori and Md Aminul Hoque. The winning poster was titled “Ultra-Wide Fractional Bandwidth Frequency Tunable mmWave Transceiver Sub-Blocks for 5G Applications and Beyond.” The IAB Members selected the Best Poster after considering merits of the one-minute poster previews, poster presentations and discussions with each team of poster creators.

Second Place Best Poster Award

The second place poster award went to graduate student researchers Xuanyi Dong and Siddarth Mahendra working with Professor Andreas Weisshaar at oregon State University. Xuanyi Dong (pictured above) accepted the award at the meeting for their poster titled "Design and Measurement of Compact Passive Components for RF and mmWave Integrated Circuits in Silicon".

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