Oregon State University Faculty

Tejasvi Anand Picture
Tejasvi Anand
Assistant Professor

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
4113 Kelley Engineering Center
(541) 737-4673
Expertise: Wireline communication systems; PLLs; regulators and sensors with an emphasis on energy efficiency
Photo of Patrick Chiang
Patrick Chiang
Associate Professor

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
School of EECS/Oregon State Univ.
(541) 737-5551
Expertise: Energy-efficient CMOS interconnects (gigahertz ADCs, wireline on/off chip I/O, wireless); wireless medical electronics
Photo of Matthew Johnston
Matthew Johnston
Assistant Professor

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
4097 Kelley Engineering Center
(541) 737-3320
Expertise: Biosensor and bioelectronic platforms; massively-parallel sensing; lab-on-chip technologies for medical monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics
Photo of Karti Mayaram
Karti Mayaram

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
4095 Kelley Engineering Center
(541) 737-2972
Expertise: Simulation, modeling, and design of analog/RF CMOS circuits
Photo of Un-Ku Moon
Un-Ku Moon

4093 Kelley Engineering Center
School of EECS/Oregon State Univ.
(541) 737-2051
Expertise: Low-voltage and high-performance analog CMOS integrated circuits; data converters; filters; PLLs; timing recovery
Photo of Arun Natarjan
Arun Natarajan
Assistant Professor

4105 Kelley Engineering Center

(541) 737-0606
Expertise: mm-wave and sub-mmwave integrated circuits and systems for high-speed wireless communication and imaging
Photo of Gabor Temes
Gabor Temes

3091 Kelley Engineering Center

(541) 737-2979
Expertise: Data converters; switched-capacitor circuits; analog and mixed-mode integrated circuits
Photo of Andreas Weisshaar
Andreas Weisshaar

3107 Kelley Engineering Center

(541) 737-3153
Expertise: Passive RF and microwave circuits and components; embedded passives; interconnects and electronic packaging; signal integrity

Washington State University Faculty

Photo of Subhanshu Gupta
Subhanshu Gupta
Assistant Professor

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EME 233
(509) 335-5045
Expertise: High-performance, robust and energy-efficient mixed-modal circuits
Photo of Deuk Heo
Deukhyoun Heo

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EME 225
(509) 335-1302
Expertise: Development of silicon RFICs for cellular applications

University of Washington Faculty

Photo of Jacques "Chris" Rudell
Jacques Chris Rudell
Assistant Professor

M410 EEB
Box 352500
(206) 685-1600
jcrudell (at) ee (dot) washington (dot) edu
Expertise: Co-existence of heterogeneous programmable systems; low-voltage analog and mixed-signal circuits; low power RF for cellular systems; mm-Wave circuits & systems; high-speed I/O
Photo of Visvesh Sathe
Visvesh Sathe
Assistant Professor

M314 EEB
Box 352500
(206) 543-7635
Expertise: Energy-efficient computing, resonant clocked commercial microprocessor, adiabatic computing, adaptive circuit design, and power supply distribution and conversion
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