Tom K. Lewellen, Ph.D Keynotes CDADIC Summer 2017 IAB Meeting

Dr. Tom K. Lewellen Keynotes CDADIC Summer 2017 IAB Meeting

On July 20, 2017 Tom Lewellen, Ph.D delivered the keynote for the CDADIC Summer Industrial Advisory Board Meeting– “Nuclear Medicine Detectors – the need for compact electronics”.   His insights on the current challenges and opportunities in this field set the stage for a variety of interesting research proposals presented by CDADIC Faculty at the IAB meeting.  

In his presentation he discussed the essence of nuclear medicine and the various approaches currently used by top manufacturers of scanning devices.  Then he boiled it down to the basic goals in detector/electronics designs and why his research lab is interested in developing new solutions for the electronics in the existing systems.  Among the key reasons are the need for preserving as much of the basic detector data as possible while still achieving the required data reduction, reducing the cable runs and many connectors which are prone to failure and making the systems more compact.  Resistive-layer semiconductor photodetectors (MRS-PDs) have become a major area of focus for photosensor development and this happens to be an active research initiative for some of the CDADIC Faculty. He finished his presentation by showing some of the interesting research in this area at UW which may create opportunities for collaboration with future CDADIC research initiatives.  

Meeting participants were very interested in this keynote and engaged him in stimulating discussions throughout the day.  Our thanks to Dr. Lewellen for a great start to our summer meeting.

Tom Lewellen is Professor Emeritus, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Director IRL Electronics and Detector Laboratory, University of Washington. 

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