Jacques C. Rudell Receives CDADIC 2017 Best Faculty Project Award

During the CDADIC Summer IAB Meeting Director Andreas Weisshaar presented University of Washington Professor Jacques C. Rudell with the Best 2017 CDADIC Faculty Project Award. Each year the CDADIC Industry Members select a project to receive this award. Here is a brief description taken from the abstract about his project:

“The continued demand for higher levels of wireless access and increased data rates for a variety of wireless applications, from mobile smart phone devices to back haul point-to-point communications, continues to drive research towards increasing bandwidth, reducing form factor, and lowering costs. The crowded RF spectrum demands hardware front-end solutions which minimize interference from other bands. This project explores and implements highly integrated single-chip hardware solutions which minimize transmitter interference through the use of two techniques, an integrated transmit-to-receive cancellation method and an on-chip circulator. A combination of these methods will relax the transmitter front-end filtering requirements, possibly removing the need for a front-end filter altogether.

“Research on self-interference cancellation with the eventual goal of allowing full-duplex radio communication would have a broad application for current WCDMA/LTE systems which simultaneously transmit and receive using different carrier frequencies.”

Congratulations Chris!!

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